1000 Plus SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

1000 Plus SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

SQL THE ONE Book Preview

1000 Plus SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

The book “SQL THE ONE” contains 1000 Plus SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers. This post takes you through the SQL THE ONE book preview and insights. SQL Server interview questions are categorized into 12 chapters which makes interview preparation easier. Below is the category wise question count:

Please click on the chapter name to view the top questions.


Chapter Total Questions
Chapter – 1: SQL Server Architecture 40 +
Chapter – 2: SQL Server Installations and Upgrades 100 +
Chapter – 3: SQL Server Security 70 +
Chapter – 4: SQL Server Backup & Restore 50 +
Chapter – 5: SQL Server Log Shipping 30 +
Chapter – 6: SQL Server Database Mirroring 40 +
Chapter – 7: SQL Server Replication 60 +
Chapter – 8: SQL Server Failover Clustering 70 +
Chapter – 9: SQL Server ALWAYSON 90 +
Chapter – 10: SQL Server Concurrency & Locking 50 +
Chapter – 11: SQL Server Performance Tuning 250 +
Chapter – 12: SQL Server DBA General 180 +

There are total 1000 Plus SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers available in this book and you would see most of the questions are answered with lengthy explanation which gives you more insights of the specific topic. Usually in any interview you might find a chain questions which means a question comes from the previous question answer. “SQL THE ONE” is not just for interview preparation it also helps you to quickly revise and understand the SQL Server concepts. For any comments / Feedback / concerns please reach us on sqltheone@gmail.com.

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Hi Udayarumilli,

I just ordered the book. Thank you so much for providing the preview. The performance tuning, installation & Upgrade and DBA common questions samples sounds awesome. Eagerly waiting for my copy. will give you a feedback. Thanks again for the preview.


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