SysTools – SQL Recovery – The Apt Solution for Recovering Microsoft SQL Server Database


Recover Corrupt MDF & NDF SQL Server Database & Export into SQL Server Database

SQL Server is a relational database that is used for storing the information that can be retrieved by their applications when needed. The SQL database is comprised of three files-MDF, NDF and LDF. While the MDF and LDF files store the complete data of SQL server, LDF file stores the log of the transactions that have been performed in SQL server.

However, similar to other databases, the SQL server database is also prone to corruption. The reasons for the database corruption can be many, but the ultimate result is the inaccessibility of the data residing within the database. There are many third party applications available in the market, which facilitate the users to recover the SQL database.

In this article, we have shortlisted two such solutions for you.

Top Features of SysTools SQL Recovery:

  • Recover SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 / 2008 R2, 2005, 2000 database files
  • Quick & Advance Scanning to Repair Both Primary and Secondary Database
  • Recover Triggers, Rules, Functions, Tables, Stored Procedures etc.
  • Software will Recover Deleted SQL Server Database table’s Data
  • Scan & Recover Multiple NDF Files and whole Folder containing all NDF Files
  • Export File into SQL Server Database or as SQL Server Compatible Scripts
  • Desired Items Selection to Save File with Schema or Schema & Data Both

Striking Features of SysTools SQL Recovery

SysTools SQL Recovery is one of the most effectual tool that a user can come across for recovering data from corrupt SQL server database. We are saying this based on the fact that the plethora of features hosted by this tool cannot be matched by any other SQL recovery tool.

Let us have a look on some of the most significant features of SysTools SQL Recovery solution:

Dual Scanning Mode To Repair Primary and Secondary Database

The dual scanning mode in the software facilitates the recovery of data from minimal as well as high corruption of SQL database.The Quick Scan mode recovers data from the SQL file if the database is minimally corrupted. On the other hand, Advance Scan mode is selected when the SQL database is highly corrupted.The software supports the recovery of both primary and secondary databases of SQL i.e. both MDF and LDF files.Supports

Primary and Foreign keys

The software supports recovery of both Primary and Foreign keys. The keys can be exported once they are recovered along with other data items like triggers, rules, functions, tables, stored procedures, etc.

Recovery Of Deleted SQL Server Database

SQL Recovery ensures complete recovery of data deleted from the tables belonging to SQL database.The software recovers the entire data irrespective of the scenario of their deletion-whether deleted accidentally or deliberately.

SUSPECT Database Recovery

At times, the SQL database is marked as SUSPECT database due to some issues with SQL Recovery.You can get rid of the error of SQL database being marked as SUSPECT with the software and get access of the data that was unavailable due to the error.

Dual Export Option For Recovered Data

Once the data is recovered from the SQL database, the user can save the recovered data in a new database. SQL Recovery offers two options for doing the same- Export recovered data directlyinto SQL Server Databaseor inSQL Server compatible scripts. The SQL server compatible scripts can be imported later on in the database then required.

Supports XML Data Type

The software extends its support to XML data type as well. If the user has created some tables and variables in the XML type or some XML documents have been stored in the SQL server database, then the software will readily recover them with the other data items easily.

Export Data & Schema

SQL Recovery provides its users with the choice to export data selectively. The users can either export Only Schema or Export data with schema. The user can also export selective data from the recovered database.

Recovery for SQL Server: Alternative Solution for Recovering SQL Database

Another software which the users can opt in the case of SQL Server database corruption, is Recovery for SQL Server.The software recovers the MDF, NDF, LDF and BAK files of SQL server database.It recovers the tables, stored procedure, views, triggers etc. from the corrupted SQL database and exports them in SQL scripts. The software supports recovery of primary, unique and foreign keys. It also supports recovery of multi-volume database files and recovers deletedrecords as well.

List of Features Portrayed By Both Recovery Software

Feature SysTools SQL Recovery Recovery For SQL Server
Recovery Of Primary & Secondary Database  Y  Y
Dual Scanning Mode  Y X
Deleted Data Recovery  Y  Y
Dual Export Mode  Y X
Export Data With Schema  Y X
Recover Data From LDF File


X  Y
Price $129 $499

Top Five Clients who purchased the Enterprise License of SysTools SQL Recovery tool:

Clients URL City
  1. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Virginia- United States
  1. ImproMed LLC United States, Wisconsin
  1. ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions (formerly known as CredAbility) Atlanta ( United States )
  1. Complete Automation Resource (CAR): Michigan, USA
  1. RFA Associates New York, USA


After going through the features exhibited by both the software, we guess that the users will be able to choose the software that completely fits their needs and is suitable for their SQL environment. I worked with 3 tools that help us in recovering a corrupted database. If I need to suggest a data recovery tool to our clients I do suggest SysTools SQL Recovery.

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