My Garden – 1

udayarumilli_garden_1 udayarumilli_garden_2 udayarumilli_garden_3 udayarumilli_garden_4

IMG_20151118_135008 IMG_20151118_135025 udayarumilli_garden_5 udayarumilli_garden_7 udayarumilli_garden_8 udayarumilli_garden_9 udayarumilli_garden_10udayarumilli_garden_12 udayarumilli_garden_13udayarumilli_garden_16 udayarumilli_garden_17 udayarumilli_garden_18 udayarumilli_garden_19 udayarumilli_garden_20 udayarumilli_garden_21 udayarumilli_garden_22 udayarumilli_garden_23 udayarumilli_garden_24 udayarumilli_garden_25


udayarumilli_garden_26 udayarumilli_garden_27 udayarumilli_garden_30 udayarumilli_garden_31


My_Garden_udayarumilli_105 My_Garden_udayarumilli_106

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Devendra Shah

I don’t know where in India you are, probably near Hyderabad. But it feels like a serene nature palce. I came here for SSRS but saw garden , temple, railroad and more and myheart raced back in the past. My dad used to work for Western Railway around Vadodara. Now I am in Florida. Physically Migrated to USA in 1973 but heart left behind. Thanks for the pictures.