Top 10 SQL Server Backup and Restore Interview Questions

Top 10 SQL Server Backup and Restore Interview Questions


Top 10 SQL Server Backup and Restore Interview Questions

There are total 57 questions are answered under SQL Server Backup and Restore category in the book “SQL THE ONE”. In this chapter we can see questions and answers on Backup and Restore and scenarios. Below are the Top 10 SQL Server Backup and Restore Interview Questions:

1. What are some common reasons why database restores fail?

2. How to rebuild the system databases?

3. What are the new features added for Backup and Restore on SQL Server 2014 / 2016?

4. Is there any performance impact if we enable the backup encryption?

5. Why don’t we just backup SQL Server Database Files (MDF, LDF and NDF) using Windows backup tool instead of SQL Server native backup?

6. You are leading a DBA team and one of your team members came to you and reported that he has executed an UPDATE command without WHERE CLAUSE on production database. Now that entire table has got updated with the wrong data. How do you handle the situation?

7. Let’s say we have a situation. We are restoring a database from a full backup. The restore operation ran for 2 hours and failed with an error 9002 (Insufficient LOGSPACE). And the database went to suspect mode. How do you troubleshoot this issue?

8. Have you ever encounter the issue “media family on device is incorrectly formed”? If yes what is the reason and how you resolved it?

9. One of our database full backup size 300 GB, usually my differential backup size varies between 300 MB and 5 GB, one day we were surprised to see the differential backup size was increased to 250 GB? What might be the reason any idea?

10. How much time it takes to perform a full backup and restore of 500 GB database by using a third party tool LITESPEED and native method using SQL Server Backup / Restore option?


These Top 10 SQL Server Backup and Restore Interview Questions are the sample questions randomly collected from the book “SQL THE ONE”.

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