Top 10 SQL Server Replication Interview Questions

Top 10 SQL Server Replication Interview Questions


Top 10 SQL Server Replication Interview Questions

There are total 67 questions are answered under SQL Server Replication category in the book “SQL THE ONE”. In this chapter we can see questions and answers on SQL Server Replication and scenarios. Below are the Top 10 SQL Server Replication Interview Questions:

1. How to monitor latency in replication?

2. Your customer given a business requirement and asked you to configure the replication topology. How do you suggest the correct replication topology?

3. Have you ever configured both log shipping / Database Mirroring and replication on same database? If yes can you tell me the things that we need to consider?

4. Which is the best way to monitor replication? Have you ever implemented automation in replication monitoring?

5. Scenario: Transnational replication configured on a database. A transaction failed on Publication. Does the failed transaction replicated to subscriber?

6. Scenario: There is an update statement that affects 1 Million rows on the publisher which generates 1 Million records in transaction log. Due to this large transaction we are getting Log Reader Agent timeouts. How to handle these kinds of large transactions when replication configured?

7. Replication has broken as the subscriber was down. When it comes online we were trying to reinitialize the subscription. It was failed with the error message “Cannot Reinitialize the Subscriber.” Any idea how to fix this?

8. Have you ever encountered the error message” Subscriptions getting expired” and “subscriptions being marked as inactive”? What does it mean?

9. We have configured transnational replication for one of our production database (3.4 TB) which is in SQL Server 2014. Replication is running successfully and now we have a requirement to add a new article. Can we be able to add a new article without generating snapshot for all existing articles? I.e. The snapshot should be generated only for the newly added article. Is it possible? If yes can you explain how?

10. My publisher is in SQL Server 2014 and we need to subscribe to SQL Server 2012 instance. Is it possible?


These Top 10 SQL Server Replication Interview Questions are the sample questions randomly collected from the book “SQL THE ONE”.

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