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Here with we are presenting a list of interview Q&A for SQL Server developers, SQL DBA’s, SQL Server Database architects, MSSQL Business intelligence developers.

I have prepared this list of questions and answers, this information I have documented from my professional experience, various articles, blogs and other sources from internet.

Interview Q&A: 

Please feel free to comment for any broken links.

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24 Essential SQL Interview Questions

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Hari Krishna
Hari Krishna

Uday it’s very useful for all New and experience.. Very good technical stuff you have and u share for us also thank you very much… I am waiting for HA real-time issue


thank you..very much informative.
kindly post some more articles ,suggest best books for DBA. i want to start my career as a DBA.
but there are no recruitment s for freshers.need your guidance please.

Bharath reddy
Bharath reddy

Hi Uday,

Thanks for your help to the Dba’s world,If you publish Replication,Mirroring,Log shipping, Clustering also we will appreciate.People are waiting for your Posting on this topics


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Hi There, I love all the posts, I really enjoyed. I would like more information about this, because it is very nice., Thanks for sharing. I reviewed few articles on improving group by performance by adding indexes for columns in group by clause for single table. Please advise how to improve performance in following scenario where I have to join multiple tables. Private database link is created on behalf of a specific user. A private database link can be used only when the owner of the link specifies a global object name in a SQL statement or in the definition… Read more »