SQL Server Transactions Per Day

SQL Server Transactions Per Day

SQL Server Transactions Per Day

This post can help you in capturing SQL Server Transactions per day. Sometimes we need to capture the average number of transactions per day / hour / minute. Below is the T-SQL script that can help you to capture the SQL Server Transactions per day. Below script returns two result sets:

  1. Retrieves the total transactions occurred in SQL Server Instance since last restart
  2. Database Wise Average Transactions since last restart

T-SQL to capture SQL Server Transactions per day:

Here is the script file: SQL_Server_Transactions_Per_Day

These are the average values. To get the exact transaction details we can automate the capture process:

  • Create a table to capture the transaction counts since last restart
  • Create a stored procedure to capture the transactions since the last restart
  • Schedule a job to execute the procedure on hourly basis
  • Write a query to capture the hourly differences


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Great post!thanks for sharing the information about SQL server transaction. very needful information.

César Santos

Top, thanks!