SQL Server Backup and Restore Reports

SQL Server Backup and Restore Reports

sql server backup and restore reports

This post can help you to quickly find SQL Server Backup and Restore Reports from a given SQL Server instance. For a typical DBA a most common task is to check the latest backup and restore history for a database. We usually required this information while we are working on a RCA (Root Cause Analysis) to resolve a specific issue, to check the backup frequency or to check the last backup status details. Here are the quick T-SQL scripts which can help us in checking SQL Server Backup and Restore Reports.

SQL Server Backup History Report:

It captures the backup history for a given database (or all databases) based on the parameter @DBName. If @DBName is NULL then it get all databases backup history, if @DBName is assigned with a database name then it get the backup history for the given database.


SQL Server Backup Missing Report:

This is a handy script to quickly identify the missing backup details from a given SQL Server instance. With the default parameter settings the script can list the databases with no full backup from last 24 hours. We can customize this using the given parameters.

SQL Server Restore History Report:

This script can quickly get the restore history from the given SQL Server instance. We can customize the script by passing the specific database name to the parameter @DBName. By default it captures restore information for all databases in the given instance.


SQL Server Backup and Restore Status Report:

This script is useful to get the estimated completion time and percentage completed time for currently running backup or restore operation on a given SQL Server instance.


T-SQL Script Files:





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