Are we heading Towards Recession Again

Are we heading towards recession againThe post “Are we heading towards recession again?” is mainly intended for SQL Developers and DBA’s. Global economy growth sustainability, corporate targets, investments, stock market, oil price, unemployment, dollar value and major Bank balance sheets may decide the recession. Since we are not the financial experts we really can’t get into this stuff but Information Technology is the top industry to have a huge impact if recession hits. From the technology point we can clearly observe that there are major changes has been taken place and it has a direct impact on employment:

  • “Cloud computing”
  • “Automations”
  • “Artificial Intelligence”

Q. “Are we heading towards recession again?”


Yes!!! If you are not ready for the “CHANGE”

No!!! If you are capable to addict the “CHANGE”

Q. How to stop the recession?


You really can’t stop the financial crisis but you can handle it with the persistent preparation. As per the financial market analysts economic downturn might hit the recession but it might be mild one not like in 2007. There is no clear pattern that can exactly predict the recession and how long it will be but we have enough resources available to face the crisis.

Q. How can I get ready for the change?


As we know that the current market needs experts, if you are an expert on what you are doing then we really don’t bother about your age, wage, education, region, religion etc. After all it just a Technology, since you created it you should be able to control it. Have you ever heard the phrase “Anyone can do anything” that’s absolutely true (conditions applied).

“Getting ready for the change” = “Learning a new technology that suits your path”


Market Research

You have to do a proper research before learning a new technology. Check with your seniors, reach your technology masters, observe the market trends, keep in touch with the technology community groups, check through the job openings etc. Don’t waste too much of time on research as you can get this information from your office environment itself and you should already come to know that which technology can give you a boost up.


Earlier we used to have an Application DBA (DBA + Development), Support DBA (Core). SQL DBA definition is getting changed and you should be able to handle the entire database delivery solution starting from requirement gathering, analysis, planning, designing, developing, testing, releasing and maintenance. Get ready for that.

Cloud Computing: Learn cloud computing technology from one of the market leading partners AWS or Azure. There are roles you can easily migrate to like “Cloud Admin” for which you just need to learn about Cloud Storage, little bit of networking, firewalls, RDS & SQLAzure, EC2 & Windows Azure, Data Migrations, Monitoring cloud resources using respective tools etc.

OS: Are you still sticky to Windows OS, if yes please don’t wait for something to happen. You should gain some knowledge on Linux even your community master Microsoft also realized and released SQL Server for Linux.

Scripting: SQL DBA’s how many of you are good in scripting? Learn a scripting language (T-SQL, PowerShell etc.) like a master. Its might be tough to learn programming in initial days but once you experience it you will love it.

Architecture: Learn about the Architecture. It’s not a course or a onetime activity rather it comes with the experience. If you are a SQL DBA do you know how to do enterprise level database capacity planning, security planning, optimization at both database and server level?

If a problem comes in and you resolve it then you experience how to resolve it. But if you try to find the answers for “Why this problem occurred?”, “How to prevent it?”, “Can we automate the solution?”, “What should be the long term solution?” etc. then you can get closer to the next level of thinking. Also focus on designing technology infrastructure with the lowest cost.

Business Intelligence: This might be a game changer in your life because BI experts with DBA background is one of the best IT skill set. You can give it a try.

SQL Developer:

SQL Developer need to focus on writing optimized SQL code only isn’t it? It’s just a big NO if you are having more than 5 years of experience. Things are changing now, focus on more n more:

Design and Architecture: You should be able to handle an entire database life cycle starting from requirement gathering, planning, designing, developing, testing, releasing. Learn designing optimized database systems and implementing design level changes.

Be focused on Business Domain: It really matters for SQL Developers. If you are a SQL Developer you must already aware that how tough and crucial it is to understand the business domain. If you understand one of the major insurance application databases structure and operations then you can easily understand any similar architecture. Domain expertise adds a lot of value to your profile.

Scripting: You might be great in T-SQL or PL/SQL but that’s not enough go on and learn at least one No-SQL databases (Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, HBase etc.), check SQL on Hadoop (Impala, Hive etc.) and Data Science (Python, R, SAS etc.). Select the right path that suits your interest.

Business Intelligence: This might be a game changer moreover its mandate for SQL Developers in most of the environments. Be good on at least one ETL (SSIS, Pentaho, Cognos, Informatica etc.) and reporting tool (SSRS, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlikview etc), also check through Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse, Amazon Redshift etc. If you are already a MSBI developer focus on design level that means if you are given a chance you should be able to design an end-to-end data warehouse solution in an optimized manner with the least possible cost.

 Note: If you want to explore cloud then AWS and Azure offering one year free subscription. Give it a try but be careful with the conditions and limits.

Learn to Earn

From the market research you should be able to identify and choose the next level skill set that you are going to learn. Now we need to learn to earn knowledge:

  • Join class room training
  • Attend an online course
  • Practice and make your hands dirty
  • Make a Power Note with all critical bullet points
  • Get certified in the chosen path
  • Add the skill set to your profile
  • Make sure your manager know that you acquired a new skillset
  • Never miss a chance to work on the new technology even it’s a small task
  • Follow the technology community group and just check the latest updates

Failure Cases:

As per a case study in a group of 100 experienced IT professionals who wants to learn new technology:

  • 52% – Taking the first step (Joining a Course)
  • 38% – Completing the first step (Completing a course)
  • 10% – Practicing / Implementing, getting certified and actually learning the new technology

Most common reasons they are complaining about:

  • “My timelines are not allowing me to spend on learning a new Technology”:

If you are breathing then you can easily spend 30 min in a day for learning

  • “Ohh I am scarred about programming / scripting”

You will be scarred forever, try learning tricks for programming. Today it’s new but for tomorrow you will be already experienced with that technology.

  • “I have a family and commitments”

You are not the first person on the earth to have a family and responsibilities. If you have a strong desire then you can find a way, no exceptions please

  • “Let’s recession comes then we’ll see”

You can always ready with a reason after all it’s your life we really don’t care about it

A skill can be a Stress Buster

You are not a SQL / .NET / Java Developer by birth. Everyone is special in this universe. Identify your unique core strength. Have you ever attended a dance class? Have you ever tried gardening and in the early morning the moment when you take a flower in your hand you feel earth laughs in flowers. When the last time you watched Sunrise? 100 Night parties, resorts, cruise trips and star hotel stay may not make you stress free but if you spend 30 min time by watching Sunrise you would see the magic. If you are not a morning person that’s ok you are given the Sunset. Invest your time and money on few things that comes with you till your last minute:

Cooking: Any human being who knows how to eat should also know how to cook, who knows, it might be your life saver, no financial crisis can impact your skill set

Gardening:If possible try this or if you really have space plant a vegetable garden you would love it

Music / Dance / Painting: You will get into a new world and community

Story writing: Try if you are a good on it, if you get succeed you can be a professional

Try making Short films: Who knows you might be the future director

Photography: Learn professional photography and start travelling and date with your camera you would see the excellent output. Who knows you might become famous soon

Learn car / bike repair: Give you more confidence

Watch Movies: If you are a movie lover watch and review like a master who knows you might become a top critic.

Write a blog: You can choose your favorite subject and share your ideas and thoughts. Sometimes a small instance a single moment or a one liner quotation can change lives.



Things that highly impact the success rate

  • You should have a goal and your travel path must be towards your goal
  • Always do not equate success with Vitamin “M” (Money)
  • Balance Personal Professional life
  • Learning is not one time activity
  • Stand out from the crowd and it is possible only with a specialization
  • Where there is a Will There is a Way
  • Do not compare yourself with others, destiny has its own plans
  • Speak confidently and Listen carefully let others finish first, most of the time we can find the answers from the questions.
  • Never Ever Skip you Meal If you lost your health means you lost everything
  • Do not take too much of stress. Today is not your last day on earth, you should come to office tomorrow in the morning unless you die or it’s a holiday.
  • Define your priorities between 1 – Health, 2 – Family and 3 – Career
  • Invest your time and gain knowledge automatically everything comes to you
  • Grow your network it really matters now
  • Failures are common, if you are not failing for a long time means you are not trying anything
  • “Something is Better Than Nothing” but “Nothing is better than Nonsense”
  • Stop over thinking about “settlement” for every one there will be one day for the final settlement and on that day your god comes to you and simply says “It’s Over” and your account get closed within “No Time”.

Last but the most important:

Your “Attitude” + “Discipline” defines your success rate

“ATTITUDE” = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100 || “DISCIPLINE” = 4+9+19+3+9+16+12+9+14+5 = 100

My guru (B.V.Pattabhiram) defined this equation. Can you try and get me one more word in English where the total equates to 100.



Dedicate 30 min per day for your dream goal just 30 min can be a game changer. If you don’t have any goals then spend 30 min alone, no electronic gadgets nothing just spend alone you would see the difference.

Identify your strength and choose a career path which most suits to you, you love it, you enjoy it, automatically dedication comes in, output is the best productivity, expertise in your path, you grow, let your organization grow, best opportunities comes to you , reach your goal. Maintain a well-balanced life between Personal & Professional lives, have a lot’s of beautiful moments, earn more, save more, serve something.

Wishing you all the very best for your career.


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Guru Ji,

I was scared but inspired and now thinking of joining a course, I just pinned it to my home page. Those failure cases touched as I always used say one of the reason from that list. Thank you so much for the wonderful article.

Thanks again sir


Great post Sir as usual , this made me realize that there is no limit in learning if one has strong will power to craft his/her career. Please keep blogging such posts as it really helps, thank you !!


Good inspiration. Really nice 👍

Wonderful Article Uday, love it.

Very good article Uday. Thank you for writing this type of articles.
Can you explanin bit more about the formulae Attitude” + “Discipline, sorry I could not understand this.

Priyanka D
Priyanka D

Uday, thought of joining a course from long time but this is dam awesome article and it made me to begin an action plan instead of indefinite thinking. Thank you so much for doing a great job as always.


Motivational… Chala baga Cheyparu sir(Well said)..
Thanks for inspiring..


Awesome uday…thanks a ton for wonderful words. more power to you.


1.We have 15 Sql server 2005,08,12,14,16 available all are production servers.
2.I need to pull the data from all the servers and need to design a dash board with the live status with the help of stored procedures. like Users login (Active users) ,Cpu,Services,Memory, Disk spaces,other stuff.
3.Please help me to how to move farward and help me your valuable inputs..


Really inspiring. i have set my own goals now and working on it.


Uday, Inspired by the words. Highly motivated.. will so join a classroom training that I am planning since long..